Why is it important to have the best breastfeeding pacifier for a baby?

Flying with breastfed babies

When you are going to consider flying with a baby that is still breastfeeding, you might need to have one of the best pacifier for breastfed babies at hand. This is because flying with a baby can really harm the baby and cause some pain and discomfort because of the pressure of flying.

Best Pacifier For Breastfed Babies
Using a pacifier when flying can help the pressure in the baby’s ears

If you are giving your baby a pacifier to suck on, the pain of the pressure in the plane will be lot less, and you will have a much happier and calm baby during the flight. You need to be able to make your baby used to suck on a dummy that is designed of breastfeeding babies. You can’t just give the newborn a dummy on the flight for the first-time.

There are many reasons why you should consider buying one of the best pacifier for breastfed babies, when you have a newborn. Not only will it make them go to sleep easier, but it will make them calmer. A calm baby is going to have a calm mother. Especially, with a first-time mother.  The only thing that you should make sure about, is that you are going to buy a pacifier that is designed for breastfeeding babies. You can’t just give any pacifier for your baby that are still breastfeeding.