Why is it important to have the best breastfeeding pacifier for a baby?

It is much healthier than sucking thumbs

Dummies for breastfed babies are much healthier than letting them sucking their thumbs. There are many parents that believe that dummy sucking isn’t healthy and filthy. However, did you ever consider how filthy it can be for them to such their thumbs? Especially those breastfed babies that are a bit bigger and stronger.

Best Pacifier For Breastfed Babies
Sucking a pacifier is much healthier than sucking your thumb

If you are cleaning and maintaining the dummy correctly, then you will not have the worries about giving a dirty dummy to your baby. And, you will not have the problem of getting rid of thumb sucking after they are becoming a toddler.

Dummy or Pacifier?

So what are these darn little things called? Is it a pacifier or a dummy? That really depends on where you grew up! Some people refer to them as dummies, and others refer to them as pacifiers. Both are completely correct and are both widely known. So feel free to call them either a pacifier or a dummy!