Pacifier for Babies, Yes or No?

Pros and cons of pacifiers according some studies

Let’s start with the good stuff first:

    1. Comforting your newborn will be one of the first priorities to the new parents. Best pacifier for breastfed babies will be a great tool to achieve that.
    2. Also, pacifier habit is easier to break than a thumb sucking. You can always dispose of the pacifier.
    3. Using a pacifier for your breastfed baby can help with pain relief
    4. Some researchers claim that babies who use a pacifier can reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

As for the cons of using pacifiers for breastfed babies, we came to a lot of different opinions so we are going to talk for the most common

  1. Using a pacifier can increase the risk of ear infection
  2. Some parents don’t give their newborn a pacifier because it can become a habit and it will be harder to take the pacifier later.
  3. A lot of studies also have shown us that giving a pacifier to a newborn can cause early weaning from the breast. Meaning it will keep the baby from real needs (breastfeeding).
Best Pacifier For Breastfed Babies
Many studies have been done on the best dummy for breastfed babies

All this said means that new parents should take in perspective all the aspects of using a pacifier for breastfed babies. It’s best to determine a lot of factors, including the parents daily routine, working habits, and most important, the baby’s needs. Every baby reacts differently and has different needs and habits. After factoring all this in, it should be easier to choose the best pacifier for breastfed babies.