Pacifier for Babies, Yes or No?

In conclusion

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Over the last 8 articles, we have talked about if you should use a pacifier for your breastfeeding baby or not. Like the title says, there is a difference of opinions if your baby should use a pacifier or not. However, like in every product it has pros and cons. So what should be your decision? It depends what purpose your baby will have of using a pacifier. There is a lot of research and studies from moms sharing their best opinions and experiences about using pacifiers.

The first and best reason why using pacifier is to calm your baby or newborn. Why is that important? Like we all know raising a baby is not an easy thing. It often leaves you with 4 hours sleep or less. They are noisy, need constant attention and be taken care of in every minute of the day. So for most parents, it can be very exhausting. So one of the main reasons why to use pacifier is to help yourself in your daily routine.