Features of dummies for breastfed babies

Large enough to prevent choking

An essential thing that many people don’t consider, is the size of the pacifier. They think that a baby look ridiculous with a large pacifier, but if you are really concerned about a baby that is chocking on a pacifier, this is the one you should consider using.

The larger the pacifier, the harder it going to be to choke on. And, the less dangerous it can become for your baby to get any injuries from using a pacifier that is too small for them.

Best Dummy For Breastfed Babies
Your pacifier must be safe for your breastfeeding newborn

When you know the features of the best pacifier for breastfed babies, you will know for sure that your newborn will be safe with their pacifier, and that you are buying the right one for a breastfeeding baby. These are just some of the most essential features that you need to look at, before you consider buying a dummy for your breastfeeding baby.