Different pacifiers for different babies

Liquid filled pacifiers

Modern pacifier can be the liquid filled pacifier that you can buy in different places. There are parents that prefer this type of pacifier because for them these pacifiers are longer lasting. However, there is one serious danger about this pacifier that only a few parents know about.

The liquid that is in the pacifier can be dangerous for the baby if swallowed. And, the moment that the nipple is breaking or that the baby is biting through the nipple, they will swallow these liquids. If you aren’t prepared to replace these pacifiers on a regular basis, then you should best not purchase these at all.

Breastfed pacifiers

It is possible to buy pacifiers that are designed as breastfed pacifiers. These pacifiers are a bit more expensive but are more beneficial for babies that are still breastfeeding.

Best Pacifier For Breastfed Babies
Breastfed Pacifiers are slightly more expensive than normal dummies

There are so many parents that are afraid to use pacifiers on their breastfeeding babies, but if you are buying the right one after doing research, you will not need to worry about the baby getting confused about the two different sucking motions that he might be confronted with.