Benefits of using a breastfeeding pacifier

It has some health benefits for preemie babies as well

You will see that in hospitals where they are dealing with preemie babies on a daily basis, they are using the best pacifiers for babies. There is one important reason why they are giving pacifiers for preemies.

This is because they are going to gain weight much faster when they are using a dummy during the day. This is something that was proven by recent studies on why babies that are using pacifiers all the time are getting bigger, much faster than those babies who don’t have a pacifier.

Best Dummy For Breastfed Babies
Hospitals use pacifiers for preemie babies

Studies show pacifiers can reduce the risk of SIDS

There are also some studies that have proven that giving the best pacifier for breastfed babies, are going to reduce the risk of SIDS. SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome.

SIDS is where a healthy baby dies while they are sleeping. There isn’t much information about why this can happen to healthy babies, but the one thing that was proven is that using a dummy when they are sleeping make the risk of SIDS so much lower. This is something that parents need to know. Especially those parents that are afraid of SIDS happening to their babies. The secret here is that you should make sure that you are buying the right type of pacifier that are safe to use for sleeping babies.